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OncoDNA supports cancer specialists by providing comprehensive characterization of a patient's cancer.
OncoDNA offers solutions combining the most relevant molecular technologies in order to provide a comprehensive characterization of the patient’s cancer, hence supporting oncologists in their treatment and follow-up decisions.
OncoDNA’s goal is to predict and monitor the response to anticancer drugs using a comprehensive integrated approach (Next Generation Sequencing combined with Immunohistochemical analysis) thus enabling oncologists to make the right therapeutic decisions and determine treatment regimens using precision medicine.
Through its different products, OncoDNA is targeting cancer using multiple approaches:
Tumor profiling solution combining DNA (NGS) and protein (IHC) analysis of a solid tumor sample with the evaluation of Microsatellite Instability (MSI) and Tumor Mutational Burden (TMB).

The complete Tumor Profiling solution integrating the analysis of solid and liquid biopsies.
OncoSTRAT&GO combines the analysis of a solid biopsy sample (from the primary tumor or a metastasis) and the analysis of a liquid biopsy (from a blood sample) which can be used to identify response to targeted therapies and also to classic chemotherapies and novel immunotherapies.

Cancer-specific solution from a liquid biopsy sample using Next Generation Sequencing on a small panel of genes.

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