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Cryogene is a privately-owned Lebanon-based company founded in 2004, whose scope of activity is mainly specialized medical services.

Cryogene was the first company to promote cord blood stem cell banking in the Middle East and is now running several offices in the region such as Lebanon, Kuwait, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Cyprus. Since 2004, Cryogene S.A.R.L has been the sole agent for “Smart Cells International Ltd” (London, UK), the UK leader in cord blood banking. 

Cryogene expanded its activity to specialized laboratory testing and advanced diagnosis in women’s health through collaboration with “The Doctors Laboratory” in the UK by introducing NIPT, the Non-Invasive Prenatal Test, to the Middle East.

As part of its strategy to continuously bring advanced technologies to practitionners and patients, Cryogene is offering Panorama by “Natera Inc”.

Cryogene is also offering a revolutionary tool in Medical Oncology, known as Tumor Profiling, performed by “OncoDNA”, the European leader in cancer theranostics in Belgium. Cryogene has been representing “OncoDNA” in the Middle East region since 2014.  

In the same line, Cryogene is the sole distributor of Mammaprint by “Agendia”, a commonly used genomic test for risk stratification of patients with early breast cancer.

In prostate cancer screening and diagnosis, Cryogene has been promoting the use of 4Kscore test by “BioReference”, a commonly used test in Urology.

Cryogene is pursuing its involvement in genetic analysis and is providing genetic panels for the diagnosis of hereditary diseases in different medical specialties. Those analyses are performed in major accredited genetic laboratories in Europe and USA to better serve the medical community in its daily practice. 


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